NemeSeeds x Kurokuma


A Stunning New Cannabis Strain from NemeSeeds and Kurokuma


Limited Edition Hand Numbered Feminised Seed + Sticker


Sticker and seed


GeneSeeds/NemeSeeds are marijuana seed breeders based in Alicante, Spain. Kurokuma are a heavy metal band based in Sheffield, UK. The two entities collaborated on KuroKush.

Kurokuma become the first sludge metal band with their very own cannabis strain. KuroKush's heavy indica nature and earthy, exotic terpenes mirror the band's sound perfectly. Featuring Mimosa, Slurricane, OG Kush and Lebanese genetics, the modern is here combined with the classic.

'Kuro' means 'black' in Japanese, and the strain turns black/purple with the slightest hint of cold temperatures during flowering - this was important to the band. Many purple strains lack strength in the high department, but KuroKush is a modern powerhouse that destroys this assumption.

Kurokuma playing live

KuroKush Stats


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NemeSeeds x Kurokuma
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